Engelbrecht's Orchard
The Story of our Farm

Englebrecht’s Orchard, Evansville, Indiana, & is managed by Tim and Kristi Schulz and owner Joe Black, now in business since 1919.The story of Engelbrecht’s Orchard can be traced clear back to John Engelbrecht, when he started his north-side Evansville orchard in 1919… yes, nearly 100 years ago!

The orchard is owned today by Joe Black, who founded Apple Hill Orchard in Knox County, and is managed by his daughter Kristi and her husband, Tim Schulz. The current orchard location, on Old Petersburg Road near Highway 57, was developed by Bill Engelbrecht and his son Joe, and was purchased by Black in 2014. The 40-acre orchard grows a variety of tree fruit, including peaches, apples, nectarines, pumpkins, and cherries.

The majority of the orchard is planted with more than 30 varieties of peaches. Why so many? Growing a variety of peaches allows us to have the ideal peach for snacking, and another that lends best to pies and canning. The variety also accommodates the differences from one season to another, and extends our production growing season from mid-July to Labor Day - bringing available fruit to more families through the summer months.

We also grow many varieties of apples, including Lodi, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Fuji, Gala, and more. Each have their best qualities, and you may choose several to be your favorites. Our typical apple season extends from June through October.

Guests are invited to come to the orchard to buy fruit, and during the season, we offer pick your own peaches and apples. Check our website to see what we are currently picking.

Visit our ripening calendar.

You can also buy our locally grown fresh fruit and specialties at several farmers’ markets throughout the summer and fall. And be sure you try our delicious apple cider slushie for an unforgettable summer treat!